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St. Joseph Hospital OB/GYN - Merrimack

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4 Dobson Way
Merrimack, NH 03054

Phone: 603-883-3365
Fax: 603-883-5758

St. Joseph Hospital OB/GYN - Merrimack

At St. Joseph Hospital OB/GYN & Midwifery, our team of board-certified obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, and support staff work with you providing competent and compassionate care in a comfortable and personalized environment.

“Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. Arya. My gynecologist I was with for over 30 years retired and referred me to her. I was impressed with Dr. Arya and how she allowed me to take my time and ask questions without rushing me out of the office. She has a very good ‘bed-side manner’ and was much like my previous doctor. Very personable and knowledgeable.” – Cheryl

“Dr. Wasserman saved my life twice. I’ve never trusted a doctor more than him.” – Elise

“Absolutely love Dr. Wasserman and his assistant. They are so funny but professional at the same time. I never had an OB/GYN actually listen to every single one of my needs and treat me with so much respect before. Location is great.” – Felicia

“Absolutely love this place the doctors and the nurses! Dr. Wasserman was my doctor and he delivered my daughter!” – Kitara

“It’s the only OB/GYN I’d ever go to. Both of my sisters and I have been going since we were teenagers. They are great with everything and anything that comes their way. I’ve very pleased with the office staff and booking is wonderful.” – Amberlyn

“Love them. I have had all of my children with them. They are very compassionate. I have been seeing them for the past 21 years! Would not change them for the world!” – Norma

“Dr. Kelly MacMillan and her nurse Lisa are absolutely wonderful. I know that working with them I will receive comfortable and quality care. They show compassion and provide honest and professional education that I trust. They care about the patient as a whole, and provide resources for needs that have to be addressed outside of their office. I would highly recommend Dr. MacMillan and her nurse Lisa to anyone looking for an OB/GYN!” – Christine

“She delivered my son with forceps and I felt completely safe and trusted her no matter what. She has this way about her that is so confident and she really is knowledgeable. She has helped women feel safe and have their babies be born in even scary situations. She deserves all the praise. She has great bedside manner, actually takes time to talk to you and get to know you. I am so glad she was there to competently deliver my baby and would be lucky to have her at my next birth.”

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