St. Joseph Hospital Offers a New Approach to Managing Knee Pain Before and After Surgery Without Opioids

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December 7, 2021 

As part of its commitment to provide targeted pain relief without the use of opioids, St. Joseph Hospital is now offering the iovera° treatment, an innovative approach to blocking pain, as part of their standard of care. The iovera° treatment is a clinically proven, non-opioid, pain management solution that uses the body’s natural response to cold to relieve pain.

With the ioverao system, doctors are able to deliver precise, controlled doses of cold through a portable, handheld device. Pain relief with the iovera° treatment is immediate and can last up to 90 days. During the simple outpatient procedure, iovera° safely and effectively allows patients with knee pain to leave their physician’s office experiencing less pain than they had when they walked in.

“Traditionally, opioid pain medications have been the first line of defense against OA of the knee pain, both before and immediately after surgery, despite causing side effects that can detract from a patient’s recovery experience,” said Dr. Pradeep Singanallur, Chief of Anesthesiology at St. Joseph Hospital. “The iovera° system has allowed us to reach for a new standard of enhanced recovery and patient care in our institution. We look forward to further protocol enhancements we can make with the help of this innovative product.”

For more information about St. Joseph Hospital’s pain management approach, click here.

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