Administrative Fellowship Program Application Process

Applying to the Administrative Fellowship Program

When reviewing potential candidates to join the Administrative Fellowship Program, we look for individuals who value the Mission of St. Joseph Hospital. Our Mission is to provide healing care for the whole person in service to all in our communities, which is why offering a healing presence and guidance to support the well-being of patients, their families, and healthcare staff is very important to us.

Applications must be filed through the National Fellowship Centralize Application Service. We apply applicants to apply early.

Complete applications will include:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. We want to know your reasoning for pursuing a career in healthcare, and why you want to work at St. Joseph Hospital. We encourage you to include career objectives, and how St. Joseph Hospital’s Administrative Fellowship Program can help you accomplish your goals.
  3. Three letters of Recommendation
    • Academic
    • Professional
    • Professional or academic
  4. NAFCAS, official graduate school transcript required
  • Applicants must have a master’s degree in a relevant healthcare field (MHSA/MHA/MPH/MPA/MBA) or be enrolled in their last year of the graduate program on schedule to complete the degree before the fellowship commences.
    • Please note: This program also includes candidates who have completed the course work, and their graduate programs require a third-year fellowship.
  • Relevant healthcare work experience strongly preferred.
  • Evidence of strong analytical and communication skills is required.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and constructively as a team
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