Community Support Groups

Why St. Joseph Hospital

In response to the rising demand for therapy, there has been a noticeable surge in waitlists for therapeutic services.

Acknowledging this gap, St. Joseph Hospital has taken proactive steps to address the community’s needs by establishing several support groups.

These groups are accessible to all members of the public, and are all free of charge.

Aphasia Community Group

Aphasia is a problem with language that results from damage to the centers of the brain, usually due to stroke or brain injury. Connecting with other individuals who are coping with aphasia in their lives can be an important part of thriving, despite the challenges of a language problem. This group is hosted by St. Joseph Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation.

Breast Cancer Support Group

We welcome survivors, newly diagnosed patients, family members, and friends. Offered through St. Joseph Hospital Breast Care Center in Nashua, New Hampshire, we encourage attendees to share concerns, stories, and foster supportive questions.

Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group held at St. Joseph Hospital Senior Resource Center in Nashua, New Hampshire, provides a safe space where caregivers can discuss common challenges, work through difficult emotions specific to caregiving, and increase their current coping skills.

Grief Support Group

St. Joseph Hospital has partnered with the YMCA of Greater Nashua to provide in-person support groups hosted by two licensed social workers. The goal of these groups is to promote healing and empowerment.

Postpartum Support Group

Join us for a free postpartum support group that is offered to new moms from birth through 6 months postpartum. This group is offered by St. Joseph Hospital OB/GYN & Midwifery in Milford, New Hampshire, and provides a safe and supportive space for new moms to share their feelings and challenges as they navigate parenthood.

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