Stand Up to Breast Cancer

Stand Up to Breast Cancer FlamingoThis Breast Cancer Awareness month, will you join your neighbors and stand up to breast cancer with a gift to the Breast Cancer Center?

When you make a gift today, you can choose to add the name of a loved one, someone who helped you during your own cancer journey, or even your own name to a flamingo.

Why a flamingo? Not only is the bright pink color symbolic of Breast Cancer Awareness; it also represents the amazing community in Greater Nashua that St. Joseph Hospital is so blessed to be part of!  Flamingos flock together for safety and support – they show up for one another!

There is no better way to remember your loved one or honor your own experience than with a gift that supports others on their cancer journey.

Our flamingo flock will only be here during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so please make your gift today!


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