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St. Joseph Hospital’s new cardiac catheterization lab is now open! Testing conducted in a cardiac catheterization, or cardiac cath lab provides important information about a patient’s heart muscle, heart valves and blood vessels. Often, treatment can be performed for issues such as clogged arteries or irregular heartbeats.

Kirk Perry, MS, RT (R), Director of Cardiovascular Services and Diagnostic Imaging shares, “Imagine a place where the clarity of life-saving imagery meets the precision of advanced medical care. That’s exactly what St. Joe’s new Cardiac Cath Lab offers, with technology that delivers significantly improved image quality.”

Why does this matter for our patients?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, heart disease remained the leading cause of death for people in the United States in 2023. Therefore, having the ability to accurately detect artery blockages is imperative. The new lab’s Intravascular Ultrasound, or IVUS, technology allows providers to leverage ultrasound technology to help diagnose the severity of a blockage. In addition, this process decreases radiation exposure by an impressive 75%, which prioritizes the safety of both patients and medical staff.

“This new room was a significant investment in our community’s cardiac healthcare,” says Perry. “It will ensure our patients receive the best available care.”

Brian Winslow, Director of Philanthropy, adds, “A portion of the $3 million dollar investment was provided by donations from community and neighbors. Their unrestricted donations allow the hospital to make strategic decisions on what to invest in with the community’s greatest needs in mind. We’re pleased to offer our patients this type of crucial care at our local community, non-profit hospital.”

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