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At St. Joseph Hospital, we provide top-tier cardiac care with a warm, personalized approach. Our team of board-certified providers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your heart healthy journey, empowering you to live life confidently.


At St. Joseph Hospital, we offer comprehensive cardiac services delivered by an expert team of board-certified providers. Covering everything from prevention and screenings to interventions, treatments, disease management, and cardiac rehabilitation, our focus is on your comfort and convenience – all while ensuring exceptional care at every stage of your heart health journey.

Cardiac Imaging

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards recovery. We offer cutting-edge cardiac imaging services, including utilization of a brand-new cardiac catheterization laboratory.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Recovering from a major cardiovascular event requires specialized care. At St. Joseph Hospital, our medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help you regain strength, lower your coronary risk factors, and improve your overall health.

Vascular Services

Because blood vessel conditions and diseases may involve more than one of the body’s systems at a time, our group approach ensures comprehensive vascular care of patients with both routine and complex medical conditions. Our recognized team of experts includes a vascular surgeon, cardiologists, interventional radiologists, wound care specialists, and nurses with advanced training.

Meet Our Team

Our team of board-certified providers look forward to partnering with you on your heart health journey at St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology.

Steven Beaudette, MD, FACC

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

Peter Gibson, MD, FACC

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

Samuel Joffe, MD, FACC

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

Anouch Matevossian, MD, PhD

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

Amir Shaikh, MD

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

Roger Arguello, PA-C, MHS

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

James LaPointe, PA-C

St. Joseph Hospital Cardiology

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