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Are you looking for a new career? Are you interested in a path that offers purpose, passion and lots of possibilities? If so, health care may be the calling for you.

St. Joseph Hospital needs medical assistants to work in doctor’s offices and urgent care centers and nursing assistants to provide direct patient care in hospitals.

“If a student has the heart it takes to work in health care, I will help them to succeed,” said Kim L. Hashem-Dugal, MBA, CCMA, Associate Dean, St. Joseph School of Nursing. “I take great pride in supporting the launch of new careers.”

Certified in Just Eight to Twelve Weeks
St. Joseph School of Nursing offers in-person training for high-demand positions like medical and nursing assistants takes as little as 8 to 12 weeks. Once a student completes classroom lectures, hands-on clinical labs and internships, they’re encouraged to take national certification exams to bolster their marketability.

Hashem-Dugal says, “Being nationally certified reinforces to prospective employers that candidates have the knowledge and experience they need.”

A Bright Future
All the school’s programs provide a solid footing for a successful medical career. Best of all, graduates are poised to potentially take on full-time positions at St. Joseph Hospital.

Maggie Paré is a Nashua resident and a student in the Associate of Science Nursing program. She is also the president of her cohort, which will graduate this summer. In addition, she works at St. Joseph Hospital as a licensed nursing assistant or LNA. Maggie plans to continue pursuing her education with the ultimate goal of working in women’s health or critical care.

She shares, “What I like most about the St. Joseph School of Nursing is its supportive instructors and small classes. Everyone is caring and nurturing. It genuinely feels like a family,” says Paré. “I believe that nursing is more than taking care of people. It’s about being a light for patients who may be experiencing their darkest days. I’m thankful to St. Joseph’s for preparing me to take on such a rewarding career.”

Learn More
To learn more about St. Joseph School of Nursing as well as its specific programs and application deadlines, please visit sjson.edu or call 603.594.2567.

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