Annah Harrigan, LNA, Mission Champion of the Month January 2023

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January 4th, 2023

Annah Harrigan, LNA, Mission Champion of the Month January 2023

Annah Harrigan, LNA, has been a staple in the St. Joseph Hospital family since 2002. Some staff are unaware what department Annah is part of, as she has worked all over the hospital and simply helps wherever she is needed. When Annah started, she worked on 4 North, the Senior Adult Mental Health Unit (SAMHU) and shared her talents there. After a few years, she transitioned to the Emergency Department where she stayed for the next six years. She also had the pleasure of helping open the Milford Medical Center Urgent Care and bring it to be the great place that it is today. When Annah completed her time in Milford and was looking for her next home here at St. Joseph Hospital, she found it in the Cancer Center. Annah loves to work with her patients and always ensures that they are receiving the absolute best care.

Annah’s favorite part of her job is knowing that she makes a difference in someone’s life. She is always sure to let her patients know that they are not alone as they go through this difficult stage in their life. Each day, Annah works extremely hard to make sure her patients are heard, and not just seen. It is not an easy job within the Cancer Center, as patients often receive discouraging news, but Annah works hard to help her patients see that they will not walk the journey alone. She takes the time to laugh with patients, cry with them when needed, and just be present in the moment with them.

Annah’s most memorable part of her time here is being an integral part of a team and having her work recognized. Annah is blessed to work with a very supportive team. She loves that she can approach her leaders and coworkers without fear and judgment when she has an idea. Annah appreciates everyone that she works with, and sees them as ambassadors of the hospital.

“Annah is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She cares so much for her patients and coworkers. I have never heard her make a negative comment. She isn’t afraid to speak up and be confident,” says Kara Ellis, Vice President of Specialty Services.

When Annah is not working, her passion is helping others with her mission work. She supports 9 orphanages, Widow Women, and hospitals in Africa with the support of Trinity Baptist Church and her St. Joseph Hospital family. She takes the time to collect various donations to send to each of them. She also loves to spend time with her husband, Gerald, and her 14-year-old son, James. Together, they enjoy traveling and taking part in mission work. Most importantly, they love sitting down together to watch a good movie.

We are proud and happy to have Annah representing us as our Mission Champion for the month of January.

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