Cornelius Iwu, Pharm. D. R.PH, Mission Champion September 2022

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September 1, 2022

Cornelius Iwu, Pharm. D., R.PH Mission Champion September 2022

Cornelius Iwu, Pharm. D., R.PH, joined our Pharmacy Team as a student in November 2019. Cornelius continued working all while attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, where he earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy. After graduating in June of 2021, Cornelius began his career at St. Joseph Hospital working full time.

Cornelius enjoys the pleasure of working directly with providers, nurses, dieticians, laboratory technicians, and many other peers daily. He strives to make a positive impact on the lives of each patient that come through the doors of St. Joseph Hospital. He loves how each department can work collaboratively to achieve the common goal of providing our patients with the best care possible.

Pharmacists are typically found working behind the scenes of patient care, but Cornelius finds true pleasure in being hands-on with his patients. His favorite part of his job is when he can meet with patients directly and counsel them on their medications. He says that all patients are beautiful inside and out – and loves to see them each day.

Paige Richardson, Clinical Pharmacist, says, “Cornelius goes above and beyond with patient counseling. He is honest and dependable. Cornelius comes to work in the best mood every day. He brings up the mood of the entire department when he is working – with his laughter, kindness, and happy spirit! He is dedicated to learning and bettering himself. Cornelius is always reading, researching, and asking questions – trying to learn and grow in his profession.”

One of Cornelius’ most memorable days at St. Joseph Hospital was when he had been called into work with the Cath Lab Team. The team had a patient who had a history of allergic reactions to local sedation. Help was requested to find a different local sedation medication that the patient would not have an allergy to. Cornelius was able to work with the team to come up with a better care plan for the patient. Later that day, when Cornelius was rounding on patients, he was able to meet the family of the patient as the patient was being discharged. The family was so grateful and made note of the new medication for future appointments, all thanks to Cornelius. Cornelius was happy he could help a family have a successful outcome with a medication based on his recommendation.

When Cornelius is not helping make sure everyone is taking correct medications, you can find him on the field playing soccer. His love for soccer started while growing up in Nigeria, where he would play with his family and friends. Now, he enjoys playing pickup games with his friends here in the United States. When he’s not on the field, you can find him cheering on his favorite England Premier League Team, Chelsea. He also spends his Sundays attending Catholic Mass. When he can, he enjoys traveling back to Nigeria to visit his family and friends, who still reside there.

Congratulations Cornelius! Your compassion for others is contagious, therefore you are an amazing representative of what a true Mission Champion is!

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