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COVID-19 Response

For New Hampshire Specific COVID-19 details click on the link below.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Information and Resources

English is not my primary language. Where can I get more information?

Click the links below to view information offered in several languages from the CDC about COVID.

ASL Self Observation (this is a video and best if opened in Google Crome)


Guia de autobservacion (Spanish)

Consignes d’Auto-surveillance (French)

Mwongozo wa Kujichunguza Binafi (Swahili)


Guia de Auto-observacao (Portugeuse)

Igitabu cy’lngene Wakwasuzuma Ubwawe (Kinyarwanda)

Huong dan cach tu quan sat (Vietnamese)


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