Diane Donaher, RN, BSN, MSN, Mission Champion of the Month October 2022

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October 3, 2022

Diane Donaher, RN, BSN, MSN, Mission Champion October 2022

Diane Donaher, RN, BSN, MSN, started working as a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in January of 2012. She works full time on 5 South. She can also be found assisting in the Breast Care Center and Center Center.

Diane’s motivation and desire to provide great care to her patients is a direct result of the care that she received as a breast cancer patient. She is proud to announce that she is 22 years cancer free – and the care that she received as a patient is what drove her to become a nurse.

Diane takes pride in getting to know her patients and their families. Her favorite part of her job is being bedside with her patients, providing the best care she can. When a patient on 5 South requires end of life care, you can find Diane with that patient. She has a passion for palliative care and making sure that her patients have a beautiful passing. She connects with her patients by getting to know them – learning about them and their families. Diane says the most important thing she can do is, “Make people feel loved, cared for, and respected when dying.”

Megan Camire, RN, a colleague of Diane’s, says, “Diane goes above and beyond to make a connection to her patients. She develops a great rapport with them and their families to make them feel comfortable and supported. She treats all of her patients with respect and dignity.”

Diane’s supervisor, Jacque Santilli, says, “Diane demonstrates compassion to each and every patient as well as her co-workers because caring is in her nature. It is obvious she cares with all her heart, and gives 110% without constraint. Diane is supportive to her team as a charge nurse and is a pillar of moral and ethical values to all of St. Joseph Hospital’s patients and co-workers. I am truly honored to work with such an impactful nurse.”

One of Diane’s most memorable moments was when she was helping a newly diagnosed woman and her family. She could see the family had been asking the patient many questions, and quickly sensed that the patient was becoming overwhelmed. Diane took this as an opportunity to help educate the family. She brought them out of the room to discuss expectations, and to explain what was going on in guiding them in the next steps. The family later nominated Diane for the Daisy award, which she won! Diane had the pleasure of working with that same exact family several times as the patient requested to go to Diane’s floor whenever she needed care.

When Diane is not working the night shift you will find her out exploring. She loves to find a great beach to soak up the sun or get a plane ticket to travel the world! Family is everything to Diane. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband Michael, and their dogs Gunner and Ike.

We are proud and happy to have Diane representing us as our Mission Champion of the Month for October 2022.

Congratulations Diane!


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