Jaqui Brown Mission Champion July 2022

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July 1, 2022

Jaqui Brown Mission Champion July 2022

Jaqui Brown started her career at St. Joseph Hospital in 1999 as the Film Librarian/Receptionist in the Diagnostic Imaging Department. Over time, Jaqui performed in several roles within the Diagnostic Imaging Department. She worked as a patient registrar for Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiovascular Center, and the Breast Care Center. She also worked as a Diagnostic Imaging/Cardiovascular Medical Transcriptionist. In 2001, Jaqui was promoted to Office Coordinator of Diagnostic Imaging. In 2021, She was promoted to Supervisor of Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Care Center Front Office – PACS.

Jaqui says that she is blessed to be where she is at St. Joseph Hospital. “No matter where you go or what department you walk into, all of the staff you encounter are so kind and sweet to work with. It’s just the St. Joseph way!” Within her own department, Jaqui said it truly has a family atmosphere. The staff is always there to support, uplift, and have a good laugh with one another when needed. She feels privileged to work alongside all of the staff and Radiologists every day.

Kirk Perry, Director of Cardiovascular Center/Diagnostic Imaging, and Brooke Hackett, Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Manager, said, “Jaqui is kind, cheerful, funny, and positive. She is always willing to help a coworker/team member without hesitation. She is often asked to help resolve issues that are not specific to her job role, and she will always go out of her way to help, regardless of whether it falls under her job description. She does this without even thinking twice, and it is just an intrinsic part of her personality. Not only is she a phenomenal team member and coworker, she is excellent at her job. Jaqui takes a difficult job and makes it look easy. When presented with obstacles that may seem insurmountable to others, she handles them with ease and grace. Jaqui is one of the hardest workers I have ever encountered and she always works with a smile on her face. I can honestly say that she is an asset to St. Joseph Hospital.”

After 23 years of working at St. Joseph Hospital, picking just one memorable moment was not easy. Jaqui decided to talk about two special moments for her while working here. Jaqui has had the pleasure of working with several volunteers each day and when the pandemic hit, none of her volunteers were able to come into the hospital. With a part of her “work family” missing, Jaqui and her staff planned a drive-by parade for her team to wave hello. She said that it brought much needed joy to their team during the pandemic. She decorated her car with her daughter. It was great for her daughter to see the special relationship she has with the volunteers, as well as for how much her team loves the volunteer part of their “work family”.

The second moment Jaqui had was when she had become the supervisor of the Diagnostic Imaging Department. She did not see the potential in herself that her former boss saw in her. With guidance and mentorship, Jaqui grew into the leader she is today, and she is very thankful someone saw the potential in her as she loves her role and the team she has created.

When Jaqui is not hard at work, she is enjoying time with her 12-year-old daughter, Aryssa. You can find them riving the streets singing with the windows down of the car. Jaqui also loves to enjoy time with family and friends. This summer, you will often find them enjoying music at backyard parties with lots of great food!

Congratulations Jaqui!

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