Joanne Sullivan, Mission Champion of the Month November 2022

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November 2, 2022

Joanne Sullivan, Mission Champion of the Month November 2022

Joanne Sullivan started her career at St. Joseph Hospital in February of 1995 in the Admitting Department, where she worked Fridays and every other weekend. Every few years, Joanne was approached by hospital staff members with an opportunity to grow professionally within the hospital. She has worn many hats while working as a Unit Coordinator in Admitting for the Emergency Room, Customer Support, and Central Processing for the Laboratory. Currently, Joanne work in Pathology as a Technician where she has been for several years now.

Joanne has been fortunate over the past 27 years at St. Joseph Hospital to grow in ways she could have never thought were possible. With each of her promotions, Joanne was provided with an opportunity to learn and grow professionally, which is one of the reasons why she truly loves her job. Joanne stated that her job is never boring and that she truly enjoys the variety of processes required to complete a patient’s case/specimen each day. Joanne also loves the amazing team she works with, having the opportunity to get to know them personally and professionally.

When the pandemic hit, Joanne became a part of the Covid Call Center in the Laboratory. She was able to help stressed patients navigate through the unknown during difficult times. patients were scared and were looking for answers, and Joanne tapped into her customer service skill set to make sure each person felt cared for and helped by the time she was done speaking with them. This was something that Joanne will never forget.

Joanne has also reflected on the many amazing memories that she has created with her teams throughout all of the departments she has worked in. These memories include celebrating special occasions and bonding while playing board games. These are moments that Joanne values and will cherish forever!

Megan Owens, Technical Supervisor of Histology, said, “Joanne is a valuable employee of the hospital. She has worked in several different departments, and I’m sure each department has missed her when she left it. Joanne has helped the Laboratory out of several tight spots when staffing is difficult and work volume is high. Joanne is a team player who looks to help a department out if her department is having a light workload that day. She will go out of her way to help patients of this hospital as much as she can. She has come in on her days off, offers to come in early, and offers to stay late. Joanne cares about her work so much and wants the best outcomes for each and every patient.”

When Joanne is not at work, you will find her poking around at yard sales, always looking for that something “special”. She also enjoys planning her family vacations. Joanne looks forward to trying out new recipes and DIY craft projects whenever she gets the chance. Joanne has a wonderful family, and has been married to her husband, Barry, for 36 years. They have two children, Daniel and Ashley, and a son in law, Nicolas. They love spending time with them as well as with their furry grandbabies!

Congratulations Joanne!

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