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St. Joseph Hospital Orthopedics

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St Joseph Hospital Medical Arts West
168 Kinsley Street,
Suite 10,
Nashua, NH, 03060

Phone: 603-578-9363
Fax: 603-578-9539

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

St. Joseph Hospital Orthopedics

We know that even the slightest pain or discomfort can ruin your day. That’s why St. Joseph Hospital Orthopedics in Nashua, New Hampshire, provides a broad range of services designed to prevent and treat issues with your spine, bones, joints, muscles, and more.

“We all dread surgery and often feel surgeons are more like salesmen looking to cut us whether we need it or not. Dr. Tom was amazing from the get go. I had a full rotator cuff tear and bicep tear. He explained everything, he was friendly, and had an amazing sense of humor. He cares after surgery – making sure I am okay and am making progress. He is so attentive and so helpful. I dread doctors appointments, but I enjoy Dr. Tom. Thank you Dr. Tom, as I am active with my kids again.” – Eric

“Very kind, intelligent, and professional. He rebuilt my ankle from a triple fracture and 9 months later, I can hardly tell anything ever happened!” – Carol

“He did an excellent job on my new hip.” – David

“Really good doctor. Double hip surgery and I’m walking really good. This guy knows what he’s doing and explains everything alongside Lindsey Campbell and others in the OR room. Thanks to them I’m walking.” – James

“Dr. Tom is a young but very knowledgeable physician. He is well versed and shows that he has much experience. His energetic and joyful demeanor is quite refreshing and my daughter and I have had nothing but great interactions with him and his staff at every visit pre/post op.” – Jan

“Dr. Tom is efficient, yet thorough. He answers all my questions and gives helpful information. And my new knee is fantastic. It’s a huge blessing to be able to walk again!” – Priscilla

“Excellent job. Had a knee replacement and I can’t be happier with the care and attention I have received. I highly recommend Dr. Tom for any orthopedic surgery.” – Susan

“I would highly recommend Dr. Tom. He did shoulder replacement surgery on my mom when she was 84 years old. She has had a complete recovery and no longer has any pain in that shoulder. He continues to see her to give her Cortisone shots in her other shoulder and to follow her progress. He is a compassionate and highly qualified surgeon.” – Laurie

“Had a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago. Dr. Tom at St. Joseph Hospital Orthopedics put my mind to ease and explained everything that I would be going through before surgery and post op. I felt very prepared. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I have lots of tattoos, including both knee caps. And I was so upset after seeing scars online after knee replacements. Not only am I doing great, but Dr. Tom took the time to make sure the scar was minimal. I could cry I’m so happy with the results. It’s pencil thin. I can walk, I can go upstairs without pain. Dr. Tom gave me my life back. I’m only 44 years old. I have so much more to experience, and now I can. I’ll be needing my left one replaced, and there is no one else I’ll have take care of me but Dr. Tom. If you need ortho help, please go see Dr. Tom, you won’t regret it!” – Misty

“My husband had 2 knee replacements from Dr. Tom and he did an excellent job on both knees. His recovery went smoothly. His knees were bone on bone and this past week after having x-ray on both knees, you could see a huge difference on the alignment of his knees. I’m very grateful for Dr. Tom for all he has done. He is very passionate, understanding, and shows he cares for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Tom everyday all day.” – Karen

“He definitely made my joint problems manageable. I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep, or put my coat on without help. I am sitting here typing this with no pain. He’s great, and very thorough. Love him! Thanks Dr. Tom.” – Julie

“There are surgeons who raise the bar regarding patient needs and care. Dr. Albert Tom earned my confidence the first time he saw me, regarding the x-ray of my hip. The day of my hip replacement he came to pre-op to check on me. The surgery was done accurately, cleanly, and efficiently.” – Michael

“Dr. Tom is a great and caring surgeon. He is on top of what is going on and sees that things progress well. We have complete faith in his capabilities and expertise.” – Barbara

“I’m a 76 year old, overweight woman who had hip surgery last March. I was very scared what the process would be, but Dr. Tom and his staff helped me with all my needs. Feeling great within 3-4 weeks, although each person is different. So extremely happy with my very thin scar. Dr. Tom is without a debt one of the best surgeons around. Can’t thank him and his staff enough.” – Paula

“Dr. Tom has provided superior bedside manner. In addition to providing top notch and up to date surgical rotator cuff surgery he truly cares about recovery. He has worked well with physical therapy and detailed notes so they could provide accurate therapy. I highly recommend St. Joseph Hospital and even more so for Dr. Tom.” – Carla

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