Megan Baillargeon, LPN, Mission Champion May 2022

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May 2, 2022

Megan Baillargeon, LPN Mission Champion May 2022

Megan Baillargeon, LPN, joined the St. Joseph Hospital team in 2016 as an LNA working in the Stress Lab as part of the EKG team. Megan later went back to school to become an LPN. Once she graduated in 2020, Megan joined the Milford Medical Family Practice where she built great relationships with the families and medical team. This April, Megan transitioned to the Cardiac Rehab department at the main hospital and is loving her new role and the level of care she can provide.

On the morning of January 6, 2022, the roads in Southern New Hampshire turned to black ice. Megan was driving to work when she came upon the wreckage of a terrible car accident. As she surveyed the scene, she found one of the drivers that had been ejected from her vehicle and was in dire condition. Megan used her scarf as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of the victim’s leg and tended to other life threatening injuries. Megan engaged the victim in conversation until the EMS services arrived. Megan’s heroic actions saved this woman from further blood loss and ultimately saved the woman’s life.

Megan brings her joy and passion for helping others to become the healthiest version of themselves when she goes to work each day. She has said that she truly enjoys being able to build a relationship with the patients she works with and help to educate them on their health needs. Katya Torrens, Clinical Lead, states that “Meg’s patients can always depend on her to provide the best possible care. She is a true patient advocate. Meg is always considerate and reliable”.

Megan may have transitioned to a new team, but her previous colleagues have nothing but wonderful things to say about Megan and her teamwork!
“Megan is always willing to help out wherever the greatest need is, whether that is in her home department of Milford Family Medicine, a COVID clinic or another office. Meg is genuinely happy to help.” – Alisha Killeen, Director of Ambulatory Services

“Megan is very kind and always willing to help, no matter what. Our clinical pod works so cohesively together, and Meg helps staff understand proper workflows whenever there is a question regarding patient care.” – Heather Pinsonneault, RN

When Megan is not connecting with patients and coworkers you can find her getting her hands dirty in the garden. She loves spending time hiking in the woods and being with her family. Megan has 2 awesome cats, Harvey and Luna, that live with her and her boyfriend Riley.  Meg’s compassion, integrity, and ability to collaborate, extend far beyond the walls of St. Joseph Hospital. We are happy to have Megan representing us as our Mission Champion for the month of May 2022.

Congratulations, Megan!