Megan Camire, BSN, RN, CHPN, Mission Champion of the Month May 2023

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May 1, 2023

Megan Camire, BSN, RN, CHPN, Mission Champion of the Month May 2023

Megan Camire, BSN, RN, CHPN started her career as a new graduate in 2012 as a part of St. Joseph Hospital’s residency float pool as a registered nurse. She has since then been a part of the 3 South Oncology Unit and 5 South Oncology & Orthopedic Unit. In 2020, she became the Clinical Resource Nurse for the 5 South Oncology & Orthopedic Unit, and was promoted to Manager of the unit in December of 2022.

Megan’s favorite part of working at St. Joseph Hospital is her coworkers, as they are their own little family. She also enjoys working with her patients on the Oncology Unit, which she sees very frequently. She has been able to build a relationship with these patients and their families, so she can guide them through their diagnoses and treatments.

One of Megan’s most memorable moments while working at St. Joseph Hospital is when she cared for a patient with a cancer diagnosis for over a month. It was a new diagnosis, and the patient was still coming to terms with it. Megan, along with her orientee, were truly there for the patient and her son throughout the time that she was her. This patient referred to Megan and her orientee as the “A Team”, as they were able to celebrate accomplishments with her when she was happy, and comfort her when she was sad. After this patient passed away, her son came back to the unit to thank both of them for the care that they had provided to his mother.

Amanda Franco, RN, Critical Care, says, “Megan is proficient in excellence by providing outstanding nursing care to patients while on the floor. Often, Megan gets pulled from her office to help on the floor and she always provides her patients with compassionate care – even when she is trying to manage office tasks from the floor. She is a great communicator with her staff and always answers any questions. She is always there to listen and solve any problems that may occur.”

Megan said that she started her career here as a new nurse and built her skills with the help of the community of people that make up St. Joseph Hospital, which is the reason why she stays. You are not just a number at St. Joseph Hospital – you are a face with a name.

When Megan is not hard at work, you can find her with a book or a bowling ball in hand. She also loves spending time with her children, Landon (8), Bennett (6), and her high school sweetheart, Mike, who she has been with for 18 years!

We are proud and happy to have Megan representing us as our Mission Champion of the Moth for May 2023!

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