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April 8th, 2024

Robbie Tinkham Awarded Mission Champion April 2024

Robbie Tinkham joined St. Joseph Hospital fifteen years ago, starting in Diagnostic Imaging as Film Librarian and Patient Service Representative. He has since explored various roles within the hospital, transitioning to Medical Records as a Release Technician in 2013, then becoming a Patient Service Representative for the Cancer Center in 2016. After a brief return to Medical Records in 2019, he found his way to Employee Experience in 2021, where he currently serves as the Employee Experience Coordinator. In this role, Robbie coordinates the new hire orientation twice a month, serving as one of the first faces new employees meet upon their first day.

When speaking with Robbie, he recalled his experience working at the hospital at the start of the pandemic in 2020. He vividly remembers code after code announced over the intercom system and looking at his coworkers wearing homemade masks, sensing the fear in the air as everyone tried to process the rapid changes. Despite the uncertainty, Robbie remained confident that with professionalism, support, and willingness to care for others, everything would be okay. The collective effort of everyone working together to navigate the pandemic made him feel like he was in the right place at the right time.

Robbie’s favorite part of his job is supporting each and every employee here at St. Joseph Hospital. He goes above and beyond in ensuring each hire is prepared to start their new role. Having been with St. Joseph Hospital for fifteen years, he mentions that seeing others’ growth over the years has been such a rewarding experience. Robbie takes an immense amount of pride welcoming new hires, introducing them to the hospital family, and sharing its mission and heritage, which excites him about the organizations newest additions.

Robert Bateman, Director of Employee Experience, shares, “At the front desk of Employee Experience, Robbie consistently shows empathy and understanding, particularly towards employees encountering challenges. For instance, if a visibly distressed staff member approaches Robbie’s desk due to personal issues affecting work, he goes beyond administrative tasks. Robbie listens attentively, expresses genuine concern, and proactively connects the employee with the appropriate resources. This compassionate approach not only addresses immediate concerns, but also strengthens a culture of respect and care within St. Joseph Hospital.”

When Robbie is not at work, he enjoys tinkering on cars and working on household projects as “Mr. Fix-It.” Proud of fixing items he thought once were impossible to fix, he credits his dad for teaching him so many handyman skills. Robbie is a homebody and cherishes spending time with family. He is the youngest of four siblings. Robbie is very close with his mom, Faye; his sisters, Lisa and Lori; and his brother, Chuck. Robbie also enjoys spending time with his nephews, Josh, Matt, and Kevin.

On the first day that Robbie walked through the doors of St. Joseph Hospital fifteen years ago, he knew that it was the right place for him to be. He believes that St. Joseph Hospital has a family within each department, working together to be able to support patients every single day.

Congratulations, Robbie!

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