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February 1st, 2024

Allyson Ring, LPN, Awarded Mission Champion for Month of February 2024

Allyson Ring, LPN, joined St. Joseph Hospital in 2017 as a newly graduated nurse. Allyson started her first position with us at St. Joseph Hospital Family Medicine & Specialty Services in Milford, New Hampshire. After three years in this position, Allyson moved to the main campus of St. Joseph Hospital and joined her current team in Specialty Services as a Clinical Resource Nurse, consisting of Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, and Surgical Services.

What Allyson enjoys most about her position at St. Joseph Hospital is the team that she gets to work with every day. She feels that especially in the past six months, her colleagues have grown and blossomed to their fullest potential. One of the best characteristics of Specialty Services is that they are so supportive of each other, which makes for a great team atmosphere.

Allyson loves direct patient care interactions, and makes sure that she can help each individual patient with their different needs. A patient might come to Allyson with questions about payment options, treatment plans, or help with understanding a diagnosis. She is there to walk them through each step and ensure that their questions are answered before the end of their appointment. When it comes to taking care of her patients, Allyson is known to leave no stone unturned!

Kara Ellis, Vice President of Provider Network, says, “Ally is an essential member of our team. Not only is she always smiling, but she is incredibly thoughtful, organized, and always willing to help where she can. When I think of a mission champion, I think of someone who lives out the mission of compassionate care, but also of someone who symbolizes the phrase, ‘St. Joseph Hospital family’. She cares for her clinical team the same as she cares for our patients – as family. She cheers them on, challenges them to continuously improve, and supports them when they need help.”

When asked about her most memorable moment of working at St. Joseph Hospital, Allyson mentions when she was expecting with her daughter, Lyla. Her team surrounded her with so much love and support. Allyson’s team surprised her with a baby shower and she has used that memory to carry the sense of family, love, and support each and every day.

The way Allyson promotes the mission of St. Joseph Hospital outside of her regular day-to-day job is remarkable. She is constantly holding herself to the highest standards for care of her patients and colleagues. You can always find Allyson with her door open to anyone. She says, “We are all human beings, and sometimes people just need an ear to listen to them or be a sounding board for their team.” Allyson ensures that she is constantly promoting St. Joseph Hospital out in the community and letting people know about the amazing services and jobs that we have here.

When Allyson is not working, you can find her making amazing memories with her family. She might be having a dance party with her two-year-old daughter, Lyla, her husband, Brenden, or off to York, Maine, to enjoy the beaches. Allyson and her husband purchased their first home this past October, so their holiday season this year has been extra wonderful to enjoy!

Congratulations, Allyson!

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