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March 5th, 2024

Julianne Mascola Awarded Mission Champion March 2024

Julianne Mascola joined St. Joseph Hospital 5 years ago in July 2019 as a Food Service Worker in Food & Nutrition Services. Julianne loves meeting every person who visits our cafeteria. She believes that each person has their own individual special gift that they share, and she is grateful for the opportunity to experience this first hand on a daily basis.

She recalls a time when a woman and her brother visited the cafeteria each day for a few weeks. As she made their sandwiches, Julianne had the opportunity to learn more about them. Their father was actively dying, and they were spending what they knew would be their father’s final days with him. On the last day that they were here, the family, including additional siblings, joined together as a group in the corner of the cafeteria. As they ate dinner together, they shared memories of their father, which included both laughter and tears.

Julianne was working the register at this time, when one of the siblings had got up to refill one of their drinks. She shared with the sibling that it had been a pleasure to get to know them over the past few weeks and to be able to hear the memories and stories they had shared of their father. Julianne had lost her mother under similar circumstances, which provided her with the ability to empathize with their family’s journey.

She shared with the sibling a quote that she had once heard – “We are so lucky to have family and friends to go through life with, because our happy times are multiplied, and our sorrows are divided.”

Julianne loves working in Food & Nutrition Services and feels that seeing her team every day is one of the best parts of working at St. Joseph Hospital. She shared that, from her first day working here, every person has been so welcoming. When preparing food that will nourish both employees and visitors, she keeps in mind that not everyone is visiting for a joyous occasion, so she believes that it is important to show kindness to all to help lighten their burdens. Julianne credits this, and everything she hopes to be, to her late mother.

Tim McMahon, Director of Marketing, shares, “Julianne puts so much effort and care into making deli sandwiches for patients, visitors, and guests – to the point that people will wait in a longer line just for her! But beyond these skills, she simply exudes positivity that is contagious. She is a friendly face that people look forward to seeing every day, and you can feel the pride she takes in her job and representing the Mission of St. Joseph Hospital.”

When Julianne is not working at St. Joseph Hospital, you can find her baking for her friends and coworkers. She will often surprise her weekend team with fresh baked goodies. Julianne’s family includes her husband, Andy, her daughter, Alex, and their adorable black lab mix, Lola. Julianne loves to spend free time taking evening walks with her daughter, and seeing live music as a family.

Congratulations, Julianne!

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