Ryan Morgan, Pharm. D., R. PH Mission Champion of the Month April 2023

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April 3rd, 2023

Ryan Morgan, Pharm. D., R. PH Mission Champion of the Month April 2023

Ryan Morgan, Pharm. D., R. PH joined the St. Joseph Hospital Pharmacy Team as a Clinical Pharmacist in November of 2019. In 2022, he was promoted to Director of Pharmacy, where he has been working to expand the pharmacy’s role within the hospital.

Ryan’s favorite part of working at St. Joseph Hospital is being part of the Pharmacy Team. He says, “The Pharmacy Team is hard-working and has raised the bar for pharmacy services. They have had to work hard through difficult times. They’ve done so with such a positive outlook and a high regard for their peers. Their collaboration is inspiring and exemplifies commitment to our patients and coworkers.”

Ryan also enjoys working with the Senior Leadership Team, as they have been extremely welcoming and have helped guide him as a new leader in the organization. He likes that each and every day is different. He can be in meetings one day, and in patient rooms providing direct care another. Ryan appreciates the community atmosphere and friendliness from his coworkers and patients at St. Joseph Hospital. “When you walk down the hallway, people are friendly, smiling, and always stop to say hello,” says Ryan.

Andrew Barton, Clinical Pharmacist, shared, “Ryan is working hard to help shift the mindset of how we view our patients – from disease focused, to patient centered. Ryan is also working hard to expand the pharmacy’s services to include comprehensive education and management services for outpatients with diabetes, so they can learn the necessary skills to live well.”

Ryan could not decide on a “most memorable moment” working at St. Joseph Hospital – but chose instead to recognize his team. They keep the atmosphere fun, they work hard, and most of all, they exhibit family vibes! His team decorates their offices and lockers for great camaraderie. If you walk into the pharmacy, you might find monsters, dinosaurs, or even photos of Tom Selleck throughout the office. During Pharmacy Awareness Week, his team created awards for each other. This continues to build a positive morale throughout the office. Ryan feels the real Mission Champions are his colleagues throughout the Pharmacy.

When Ryan is not at work, you can find him spending time at the gym, in the kitchen cooking up a great steak, or shaking up the best margarita. Ryan has a cigar collection of over 400 types, and enjoys them with friends. Ryan is known as the “fun Dad” and loves playing with his two kids, Iris (4), and Rexford (15 months). They love going to the park, riding bikes, or just being thrown up into the air by their Dad. Being a dedicated Dad and a busy director is not stopping Ryan from obtaining his 4th degree, a Master of Business at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services. We thank him for his services to St. Joseph Hospital and wish him well in all he pursues!

Congratulations Ryan!

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