Sarah Pinkham Mission Champion August 2022

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August 1, 2022

Sarah Pinkham Mission Champion August 2022

Sarah Pinkham joined the St. Joseph Hospital Team in October 2016 in the Telecommunications department as a Switchboard Specialist. Sarah continued to work with the telecommunications team and in December of 2019, she joined the Operating Room Team as a Surgical Services Charge Validator. Over the past few months, Sarah has transitioned from the switchboard and is now working full-time with the OR Team.

Sarah truly enjoys working with her team because when she comes into work, she feels at home. Her team is very family oriented, so it makes the day to day work enjoyable. Sarah also has the pleasure of working with Christine Mulholland from Ensemble, and their relationship makes the routine operations of the Operating Room run smoothly. Christine says, “Sarah is always willing to go the extra mile to help me resolve issues that I have with accounts that I’m reviewing. She is always timely with her responses and lets me know immediately when something is going on in the OR.”

Sarah says each day working in the OR is memorable. She loves that she can create new memories each day and learn something new in the department she works in. When it came to learning new skills, Sarah had to jump in and support her team during COVID-19. Sarah’s team had fewer staff present in her department during this time, so she helped with odd jobs while still doing her own each day successfully.

Frank Whipple, Perioperative Business Manager, says, “Most times, Sarah puts others’ needs before her own. She’s the first to suggest new ideas, the first to offer solutions, and the first to step up. She cares about our patients and is an integral part of the team providing surgical care here. She is just a joy to work with – and we’re so fortunate to have Sarah on our team!”

When Sarah is not at work, you will find her concert hopping from state to state! Sarah enjoys listening to live music and meeting celebrities! She also enjoys taking photos, especially at concert venues. She loves visiting her sister who lives in Maryland. Each year, Sarah travels from Philadelphia with her best friend for her birthday to go visit a haunted house. When Sarah is not traveling, you can find her spending time with her family including her mom (Maureen), father (Larry), sister (Caitlin) and brother, (Brendan). Sarah and her family enjoy spending time making care packages for her brothers Army troop when he is deployed. They will be ready to start preparing them again – as her brother will be deployed soon.

Congratulations Sarah!