Stroke Program

Our stroke program provides for evidence-based care, including education, evaluation and treatment to patients with signs and symptoms of a stroke or a transient ischemic attack. With a medical director who is a board-certified neurologist, supported by stroke coordinators and a stroke care committee, our stroke leadership team ensures that every patient receives the finest comprehensive stroke care.

With a vast array of services and advanced treatments, the Rehabilitation Center at St. Joseph Hospital is regarded as one of the premier rehabilitation facilities in New Hampshire. The stroke rehabilitation program focuses on helping patients reach their highest level of function and independence, allowing them to return to their homes, communities and jobs.

Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with expertise in stroke rehabilitation. Individualized treatment programs include specialists in rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapy, speech-language pathology, social work, neuropsychology, dietary and case management. Specialists monitor patient progress, providing complete diagnostic and treatment services.

Family involvement in therapy sessions, family conferences and home visits are all crucial to achieving progress. A major focus of the team is a strong education program for patients and their families to reduce risk of recurrence of stroke and re-hospitalization.

The Neurological Rehabilitation Program at St. Joseph Hospital offers comprehensive treatment for patients who have experienced a neurological event, such as a stroke. Patients may be eligible for the program after discharge from the hospital, inpatient rehabilitation center, home care services or even several years after a neurological event.

Provide early stroke/TIA assessment and care

  • Identify causes of stroke/TIA
  • Provide stroke/TIA education to patients and families

Get With the Guidelines is a national program through the American Heart Association that ensures continuous quality improvement of acute stroke treatment and ischemic stroke prevention. It focuses on care team protocols to ensure that patients are treated and discharged appropriately. The goal of the program is to improve the overall quality of care for stroke patients by improving acute stroke treatment and preventing future strokes and cardiovascular events.

As part of its commitment to the community and in pursuit of clinical excellence, St. Joseph Hospital has refined its processes, protocols and systems, implementing changes on its pathway to becoming a Primary Stroke Center.

As a Get with the Guidelines stroke participating hospital, St. Joseph Hospital is continuing to develop a comprehensive system for providing rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke when patients are admitted to the emergency department.

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