Orthopedic Hospitalist Program

Orthopedic Hospitalist Program

Orthopedic Hospitalists are surgeons who specialize in handling emergency orthopedic cases in the hospital. By taking over these emergency duties, they allow other orthopedic surgeons to concentrate on their outpatient practices and perform more scheduled surgeries. This setup not only improves patient access to high-quality care but also helps expand the hospital’s orthopedic services. The St. Joseph Hospital Orthopedic Hospitalist Program provides care 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is an Orthopedic Hospitalist?

An orthopedic hospitalist is a doctor who works only in the hospital to take care of bone and joint problems. This role was created because regular orthopedic doctors often have busy schedules and can’t always be available for emergencies. Orthopedic hospitalists focus on treating injuries like broken bones and other urgent issues.

What Orthopedic Hospitalists Do

At St. Joseph Hospital, our orthopedic hospitalists handle many types of urgent bone and joint problems, such as:

  • Hip fractures in older adults
  • Ankle fractures
  • Wrist fractures from falls
  • Forearm fractures in kids from sports or playground accidents

Sometimes, these doctors also help with more serious injuries, working with the trauma team to care for patients with multiple injuries.

Benefits of the Orthopedic Hospitalist Program

Our orthopedic hospitalist program helps both the hospital and our patients by providing constant care for bone and joint emergencies. This program:

  • Reduces the time patients spend in the hospital
  • Improves patient satisfaction by offering quick, specialized care
  • Supports hospital staff in improving care quality
  • Helps keep operating rooms running smoothly
  • Provides better attention and care to patients during and after their hospital stay
  • Helps ensure fewer repeat visits to the emergency room

Building Trust and Reputation

At St. Joseph Hospital, our 24/7 Orthopedic Hospitalist Program is all about providing the best bone and joint care whenever it’s needed. By having this program, we make sure our community gets top-notch treatment around the clock.