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Join us. Your gift no matter the size creates ripples of positive change, touching the lives of those who walk through our doors in need of hope and healing.

How grateful I am to have Dr. Ziada on my side as a much-respected and highly appreciated physician.

Dr. Ziada’s focused adherence to an exceptional standard of medical care has brought me an enhanced health outlook for over a decade. His top-notch medical expertise and technical clinical skills are mixed with his generous listening manner and fully mindful presence to my medical concerns. Dr. Ziada can be consistently relied upon for an exemplary medical experience and positive lifestyle outcome. How grateful I am to have Dr. Ziada on my side as a much-respected and highly appreciated physician.

Mary of Nashua


Whether you were last seen for a post-surgery follow-up, for your annual appointment with your primary care provider, for care while hospitalized or to consult on a concern you have with a specialist, we hope you experienced the compassion, caring and empathy our staff strives to provide. These personal connections make St. Joseph Hospital not just a place for healing but also a place that appreciates every interaction it has with the community.

To continue our mission of care and service, we need your help.

Your generosity helps us purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment, ensures our staff have the resources they need, and provides mission services to those in our community who are less fortunate.

If, like Mary, you’d like to honor those who have made your experience with us memorable, you can recognize them by submitting a note of thanks and making a gift in their honor.

The heart of St. Joseph Hospital is its people – both the ones who provide care and those who support it. Your kindness is the cornerstone of the care we provide. It is deeply appreciated not only by us but also by the countless individuals and families who benefit from your generosity.

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