Thyroid Cancer

There are several different types of thyroid cancers. Some grow very slowly over long periods of time, while others can become extremely aggressive over a much shorter period. At the Thyroid Center of New Hampshire in St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology in Nashua, New Hampshire, our team has an ultrasound machine and technologist during regular office hours to be able to monitor patient progress – without them having to even leave the office.

Our team of board-certified providers also works closely with the St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Center, as well as with St. Joseph Hospital Surgical Services – both being located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Fortunately, most patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer respond very well to treatment, with a survival rate exceeding 97%. Good outcomes require proper treatment and monitoring, which is when our team of board-certified providers come into the picture.

Meet Our Team

Our team of board-certified providers at St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology in Nashua, New Hampshire, are looking forward to caring for you.

Brian Murphy, MSN, FNP-BC

St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology

Shellie Hafer, APRN

St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology

Mikhail Signalov, DO

St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology

Margaret Flynn, MD

St. Joseph Hospital Endocrinology

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