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Labor & Delivery at St. Joseph Hospital

At the St. Joseph Hospital Maternal Child Health Center, we’re proud to be the only Baby-Friendly® hospital in the greater Nashua area and one of just 55 in the United States to have achieved the prestigious Baby-Friendly® designation. With prenatal classes, spacious rooms and personalized care, we do everything we can to make sure you and your newborn are happy, healthy and safe.

Where to have your child is one of the first big parenting decisions you make and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why our Maternal Child Health Center is dedicated to providing competent and compassionate care in a comfortable and personalized environment. Our team of board-certified obstetricians, certified nurse midwives and support staff work with you throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery and after-care, including one-on-one education.

Visitation Guidelines

Take a look through our visitor guidelines and information so you can experience an enjoyable and productive visit with your loved one. We know that care and support doesn’t fall inside a neat schedule.

We make it our priority to give you the support and guidance you need throughout your baby’s precious first days. From resources to help you make decisions on feeding methods to 24/7 hospital support, our staff stands ready to assist you and your child through delivery no matter the circumstances.

We believe childbirth is truly a miracle, which is why we offer a special celebration dinner for you and your significant other, served to you in the privacy of your room. The menu includes options like filet mignon, chicken marsala, surf and turf and pasta primavera. Below are two of our specialty desserts hand crafted by our highly trained chefs that are also included in the celebration dinner menu. It’s our way of saying congratulations and thank you for choosing St. Joseph Hospital.

delivery, pregnancy, pregnant

Turtle Lava Cake with Chocolate Fudge, Pecans, and Oreo Dust

delivery, pregnancy, pregnant

New York Vanilla Cheesecake with Whipped Cream, Strawberry, Graham Cracker Crumb, and Crisp Wafer

At St. Joseph Hospital, we want you to feel prepared and confident as you embark on this experience of a lifetime. Our prenatal program features two online classes — Understanding Birth and Understanding Your Newborn — along with one complementary Education and Support Session with childbirth educators in our Maternal Child Health Center.

Education, Support and Tours Info

Our spacious labor rooms accommodate both you and your family along with one-on-one, supportive nursing care that will guide you through your labor and birth. Our providers, nurses and staff respect the choices you make as a mother, including your birth plan and your preferences related to skin to skin contact and feeding method. We are highly trained and prepared to support you through your birth journey.

Following delivery, we encourage you and your baby to stay together for the remainder of your hospital stay so that you can learn your baby’s early feeding cues. Our expert nursing staff will coordinate care for you and your baby in the comfort of your room. We even offer designated quiet time every afternoon, so you and your baby can rest undisturbed.

St. Joseph Hospital is proud to be the only Baby-Friendly® hospital in the greater Nashua area. The Baby-Friendly Hospital designation awarded by the World Health Organization and UNICEF is based on meeting the highest level of care and support for breastfeeding mothers. To match this level of care, we have a fully trained staff with expertise in breast feeding available 24/7. Our certified lactation consultant is also available for private consultations.

Baby-Friendly Hospital™
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