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Grateful Patient

Whether it was a kind word or prayer that brought them comfort or compassionate care that they received after a life-saving procedure or enjoyed a simple visit from a volunteer during your hospital stay — we often hear from our patients that St. Joseph Hospital’s health care team made a positive difference in their experience.

The Grateful Patient Program is a way to recognize those who have provided exceptional care. Whether you choose to honor a staff member or an entire department, your donation is a meaningful way to show your gratitude while supporting care for patients in our community.

Gifts to the Grateful Patient Program help us to care for thousands of patients from Greater Nashua. Your gift may support patient care in areas of greatest need or in a department or service of special meaning to you – it’s entirely up to you.

Gifts can also be made in honor or memory of a loved one, or in honor of a St. Joseph Hospital team member.

A gift to the Grateful Patient Program helps to support:

  • Patient care for those most in need
  • Ongoing education for our professional caregivers
  • New equipment and technology

We’d happily welcome you as a Grateful Patient! It’s easy to donate:

If you wish to honor a caregiver(s), we will send them a card to let them know of your sincere appreciation and selfless gift.

As with all donations to St. Joseph Hospital, you will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes along with our sincere thanks. Your gifts to St. Joseph Hospital Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We’d love to know what inspired you to give; tell us how you or someone you love has been helped by St. Joseph Hospital’s caring and compassionate team. Your story may inspire someone else to give.

Email us at or write to us at:
St. Joseph Hospital Foundation
172 Kinsley Street
Nashua, NH 03061

Please include your name and phone number so we may get in touch to personally thank you. We love to share grateful patient stories on our website and in St. Joseph Hospital publications, but only with your permission.

Grateful Patient Spotlight

Bill Day

Grateful Patient

Bill Day has been a patient of St. Joe’s for nearly 20 years. He’s visited the Emergency Department five times in his life, but during each visit, he was admitted for at least a two-day stay. The most recent stay, in 2018, was due to a serious asthma attack. Bill was on a work visit in Middleton, Mass. when his asthma took a turn for the worse. When asked where he wanted to go for medical care, Bill insisted on making it back to “his” hospital in Nashua — St. Joe’s.

Bill says he’s often recognized by staff and feels more like a friend than a patient. “I know the care I am going to receive is top quality,” he says. “The doctors sat in my room and had a very informative discussion on what procedures they were going to perform and why. They were very interested in my feedback or concerns. That meant a lot to me. It made me feel part of the discussion.”

Bill was so impressed with the hospital’s philosophy of patient-centered care, he also chose primary care providers who are all part of the St. Joe’s network. He adds, “I am always bragging about St. Joseph Hospital to my friends and work associates. Whenever they mention they are looking for a new doctor or hospital, St. Joe’s is always on the tip of my tongue. I always refer to it as ‘my’ hospital.”

Lisa Hastbacka

Grateful Patient

When Lisa Hastbacka was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was terrified of what lay ahead. Nurse Navigator Kelly McAllister made it a little easier – always there to answer questions, offer advice and listen. Lisa gives to St. Joseph Hospital’s Grateful Patient Program knowing it will make a difference in someone else’s life. She says, “I give in honor and appreciation of Kelly and many other staff, who made a difference in my life as a patient.” Kelly is humbled to be honored in this way and says there are so many people that contribute to what she does. She adds, “The Grateful Patient Program is important because it allows us to stop for a moment in the middle of a busy day to hear and feel the impact we are making.”

Making Memories and a Positive Difference

Lemonade stands are something childhood memories are made of – and Austin and Broden Morse wanted a lemonade stand memory of their own. Setting their stand up on a street corner in their neighborhood, their mom, Jamie, saw a valuable teaching opportunity. They had a conversation about how fortunate they are as a family – they have good health, a roof over their heads, everything they need, as well as many things they want. Wouldn’t it be nice, she asked, to give the money to someone in need?

Austin had a great idea about who might need some help. “Mommy, I want to give it to the doctors that got me out of your tummy!” Jamie, a former St. Joseph employee, says she’s very proud that her boys wanted to donate to the hospital. They raised an impressive $40 from their lemonade stand and the gift was directed to women’s health.

Familiar Face Helps Get Things Done

Ethan Koplowitz is one of the friendly faces you might meet when you walk through the front doors of the hospital. Since he started at the front desk in 2016, he’s seen a lot of action – he helps nervous patients find their way, calms worried relatives, he’s even had to call the emergency medical team to respond to a pregnant woman about to deliver on the front steps (the newborn arrived just 15 minutes later; mom and baby were safe and well).

Ethan says it feels good to help people – being able to give clear directions with a smile is what brings happiness to his day. His desire to help goes beyond days at the front desk. He is also a dedicated donor and has given to many areas of the hospital. He shares, “Building up the entire hospital will mean better outcomes for everyone. You’ve got to help out, otherwise things can’t get done.”

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