Voice and Upper Airway

Voice and Upper Airway

We offer a comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with voice disorders. A voice disorder occurs when the quality of voice production changes. Symptoms might include an increase in hoarseness, breathiness, tension/pain, or fatigue. Voice therapy consists of a variety of activities designed to improve vocal hygiene and shape healthy vocal behaviors.

  • Vocal cord paralysis/paresis
  • Vocal polyps/nodules
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Vocal tremor
  • Chronic throat clearing/coughing
  • Aging voice (presbyphonia)

Meet Our Team

Our team provides one-to-one patient care, tailored to meet the specific functional needs and goals of each individual patient in a supportive, encouraging, and friendly environment.

Lesley Renzi, MA, CCC-SLP

St. Joseph Hospital Rehabilitation Services at Nashua

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