Advanced Pharmacy Technology

Infusion Pumps

At St. Joseph Hospital, we utilize infusion pumps to ensure safe and accurate administration of medications to patients. We have invested in a variety of different pumps to meet different needs, such as general infusion pumps, syringe pumps, patient-controlled analgesia pumps, and epidural pumps.


We utilize EPIC Software, which is a state-of-the-art electronic health record software that has advanced pharmacy monitoring and patient safety alerts. Our pharmacy team has a robust section of this platform to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Medication Repackaging

We ensure safe and pure medication availability through the repackaging of agents from a bulk bottle into individual doses. This not only increases the cleanliness of the product, but also minimizes the risk of medication error as well. There are two separate repackaging systems available for us to use, both of which ensure patient and staff safety to the highest degree.


At St. Joseph Hospital, we utilize a pneumatic tube system to ensure that there are no delays in patient care. With this system, we are able to send items, including medications, throughout the hospital within seconds. The pharmacy has access to all patient care areas, so new medications can be sent immediately.


With our RX365 mobile application, you can manage your prescriptions from your IOS and Android smart phone! When searching pharmacies within the application, we appear as St. Joseph Healthcare. With RX365, you can view medications, request prescription refills, and status updates. You are also able to conveniently chat with pharmacy staff and easily upload insurance information. View on IOS and view on Android smart phone.