Pharmacy Services Offered

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist

At St. Joseph Hospital, we have ambulatory care pharmacists that work closely with other healthcare related providers, to address medication needs through a collaborative, patient-centered approach.

Inpatient Care Pharmacist

Our pharmacists are responsible for providing comprehensive medication support for more than 20 different areas throughout the hospital.

Outpatient Pharmacy

We proudly offer outpatient services to patients and employees, with a friendly team and convenient hours to best suit your medical needs.

Chemotherapy & Medication Infusion Pharmacy

Located within the St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Center, our chemotherapy and medication infusion pharmacy is solely focused on providing safe administration of chemotherapy to patients. Having extensive knowledge and specialized certifications, our team reviews each patients history to optimize the best therapies.

Transition of Care Pharmacist

As part of the admission process, a member of our pharmacy team plays a crucial role in patient care with proactive medication reconciliation. Our pharmacists also play a vital role in discharge medication reconciliation and counseling, ensuring each patient receives the correct medication and dosing information. This initiative lowers medication errors during inpatient stays as well as discharge.

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