Speech Language Pathology Programs

Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathologists work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Our providers have advanced education in neurological diagnosis, Parkinson’s Disease, swallowing disorders, infant feeding, and oncology related conditions.

Voice and Upper Airway

We offer a comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with voice disorders. A voice disorder occurs when the quality of voice production changes. Symptoms might include an increase in hoarseness, breathiness, tension/pain, or fatigue. Voice therapy consists of a variety of activities designed to improve vocal hygiene and shape healthy vocal behaviors.

Cancer Rehabilitation

We offer education and support with regards to common side effects associated with radiation treatment and strategies for managing them. Prior to the start of your radiation, during your treatment and after completion of your radiation treatment, your speech language pathologist will be a source of support and information in order to improve your long-term outcomes.

Neurological Speech Language Pathology

We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients who have experienced a neurological event such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury, anoxia, tumors, or other neurological diseases or disorders. Our speech language pathologists focus on treating the whole person and improving quality of life.

LSVT LOUD Parkinson’s Disease

LVST LOUD is a specialty program designed to improve the ability of individuals to use their voice at a more normal loudness while at home, work, or in the community. LSVT LOUD is an intense program that is comprised of 60 minute outpatient speech therapy sessions, four times a week.

Pediatric Speech Language Pathology

We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for infant feeding difficulties and speech disorders.

Swallowing Disorders

We offer education, support, and treatment for a variety of swallowing disorders. Speech language therapy will include therapeutic treatment techniques, suggested behavior modification, or recommendation of dietary modification that will allow you to have the least restrictive diet possible.

Modified Barium Swallows

Our speech language pathology team is trained in the administration of a modified barium swallow procedure. This procedure is ordered by a physician and allows the speech language pathologist to assess a patients ability to safely swallow foods and liquids of different textures. There are several reasons why this test may have been ordered and they include: coughing and/or choking when eating or drinking, a wet sounding voice, changes in breathing when eating or drinking, frequent respiratory infections and/or pneumonia, or feeling like something is “stuck” in your throat.

Meet Our Team

Click below to view our provider directory, where you can connect with our exceptional team of therapists. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional care, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for those on the road to recovery.

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